Wednesday, February 2, 2011

How Drop Offs Go

Each of my kids have had seasons of life where dropping them off for childcare (for my moms' groups or church) is tough. They only go to childcare things 2-3 times a month (and about 5-6 times a month when we lived in KS), so it is not like it is an everyday, or even every week, event.

Up until about six months ago, Caleb would constantly cling to me. He hated to be left, but he would adjust quickly once I was gone. Now, he goes into rooms without missing a beat.

Chloe always went to her classes easily, until about six months ago. Right as Caleb adjusted well to childcare, Chloe became clingy. The way I have found that makes her transition easier is that she sits in Luke's stroller until she is ready to play. So after I drop Luke off in his class, Chloe hops in. I wheel her to her room, and the teachers say she gets out when she is ready!

About six weeks ago, Luke started going through separation anxiety. He cries when I drop him off, but he seems to adjust fine once I am gone.

Interesting how kids change so much!

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