Monday, February 14, 2011

My Valentine

Warning: this is a shameless post about my husband.

I am the luckiest woman alive. When God brought me my husband, He definitely gave me one of his finest followers. This will be our 7th Valentines Day together, and I still wake up and wonder how I landed Brett (God loves me is the answer!).

Brett is a true man. He knows who he is. He does not try to be anyone else. He's a man's man, yet he has the most tender soul. He does not have sisters, which is so hard for me to believe because he really understands me. I am complicated, yet he gets me. And loves me, despite my shortcomings. He loves me for me. While he inspires me to be greater, he never pressures me.

Brett loves Jesus more than anyone I know. Most people only see his public ministry (which he is very gifted at), yet I get to see who he is when no one is looking....which is the exact same person. He is such a man of integrity. His intimacy with the Lord is amazing. Having met Brett the day he started following Christ, I have seen him grow, change, and become an incredible man of God. His passion is falling deeper in love with Jesus, and he is totally unashamed of that.

Brett is hilarious. He brings life to every party. He makes me laugh so hard I cry. I love to laugh, and I am so grateful God gave me a man who can make me laugh. Yet, he also knows when it is not the time to laugh.

As I said, Brett gets me. He knows what to do when I cry. He actually can tell when I am about to cry (the look in my eyes). He knows what gets me out of a bad mood. He knows what pushes my buttons but refuses to push them. Brett is incredibly faithful and kind. He is the most awesome husband.

And he is the best dad. Oh my, my kids are so amazingly blessed. He is their hero: Caleb wants to be him. Chloe wants to marry him (and her Uncle Blake). And Luke loves to snuggle him. After Jesus and me, our kids are Brett's top priority. Ministry is a job where it is easy to neglect your family, but he doesn't. He always makes our family the priority.

I seriously cannot believe God gave me such an amazing husband. In my single days, I would often daydream about my future mate. I definitely underestimated how wonderful he would be!! Through marrying Brett, I have become the woman I've always dreamed of being. As cheesy as it is, he truly completes me.

Happy Valentine's Day to my forever Valentine!! I adore you, Brett. Life with you gets better and better each day. Thank you for being so awesome!!


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