Saturday, February 5, 2011


In the car today, Caleb said, "I changed my ninja name to Best Ninja Ever." I was drinking water and literally spit it out...I laughed so hard.

Caleb also learned the phrase "You can say that again", and everytime he says it, I die laughing. I know it's not that funny of a phrase, but the joy with which he says it (because he just learned it) is hilarious.

As I am writing this, Caleb walked over and asked me my superhero name. (Momtastic, in case you're wondering). He then told me what each person's superhero power is (these are direct quotes):
Brett- so strong
Me- hammer hands
Caleb- stretch man
Chloe- flying
Luke- He can throw diapers at other babies

We are in the process of planning Caleb's birthday party (which will be a small affair this year). He asked me if he could invite Elias (his cousin) and Shukuru (the boy we sponsor through Compassion). I was so touched he would think about sweet Shukuru!

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