Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Why I Love Birthdays

As I mentioned, I love my birthday!
For those who are tired of my Facebook posts and Tweets, you can blame my mom.

My mom has the inability to leave people out. When she and my dad adopted my little sister, I was actually surprised when she came home from China with only one child (and that's only because China wouldn't let bring home more girls). She has the biggest heart for others. It is probably one of my most favorite qualities about her.

So, as a child, when I would have birthday parties, my mom would invite every child in my grade. No, not my class. In my grade. Instead of renting out a little room at the skating rink, she would rent out the whole skating rink.

One year, there was a sweet girl in my second grade class named Patty. She was mentally disabled and came from a very poor family. I am willing to bet my party was the only one she was invited to all year.

Not only did my mom invite her, she picked her up for the party.

Throughout my entire childhood, this experience stands out more than any other. Now, as a parent, knowing what it takes to get to a birthday party, I am even more impressed my mom would take the time to pick up sweet Patty. I will never forget the smile on Patty's face and the joy in her heart on the way to my party.
On the way to the party, Patty said, "Oh no! I forgot your present at home." Of course, as a kid, I wanted my presents, so I hoped my mom would turn around to go get it. But she didn't. When we dropped Patty off at her house, my mom told Patty we could get the gift later. Years later, I realized Patty did not actually have a present, and my thoughtful mother played along as to not embarrass her.

To this day, I cry when I think of that day.

Thank you, Mom, for celebrating me in style each year. Thank you even more for showing me how to truly love others. And for taking the time to care.

And that, my friends, is why I love my birthday!! I told you: blame my mom.

(I should also note that I also have the inability to leave others out)


  1. I have never met your mom, but you made me love her with this story! I hope we can all be that considerate!!! Happy Birthday to You!

  2. Okay, that made me tear up! So sweet! Your mom sounds like a wonderful woman! God Bless her!

    It also made me want to find Patty and see how she is doing.

  3. You have the most beautiful illustrations, Sarah. I know that God is going to make a speaker/teacher out of you one day soon! You already are in my book!


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