Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Worst Day Of My Life

Yesterday was the worst day of my life. Because it is a day I hope I will never remember, I will spare the details. Luke had a febrile seizure. We had to call 911. It was a short seizure, and he came out of it fairly quickly. These are relatively normal, but it was still the worst day ever. I am still pretty shaken. It all seems so surreal.

The ironic part is that, just the week before, I was thinking to myself how amazing it is that we have made it almost five years without a major issue. No broken bones, no 911 calls, no poison issues, no hospitalizations...nothing. While I feel so fortunate that we've eluded these for so long, I hope that this is our one and only scary moment. It was terrible.

So, if you could, please just pray this will not happen again for my sweet boy.

Also, I am having surgery on Monday to repair a hernia (which I either got from lifting heavy stuff or pregnancy). It is a routine procedure, but I am still nervous. I will be unable to do any heavy lifting for 6 weeks, so this will be quite interesting. Brett will be playing Mr. Mom as much as he can. While I am quite confident in his abilities, I am not confident in my abilities to sit and do nothing.

The one cool part is that, in the midst of Luke's seizure, I felt an awesome peace from God. Caleb and Chloe were also quite excited that an ambulance got to come to our house. That was cute. Even though I hope it was a one time experience.

Thanks for praying for us!!


  1. Oh Sarah I am so sorry! I hope Luke is doing better. That sounds horrible. My mom said my brother had a seizure when he was that age and it was the worst thing she had ever seen. I will be praying for your surgery on Monday!

  2. I will definitely be praying for you all! What a scary experience with Luke.


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