Monday, March 14, 2011

The 4th

I have been doing some thinking lately about when we're going to start trying for our last child. While I am not ready to constantly puke (historically speaking) for the next four months, I am anxious to have our complete family.

I do not like undone things. I am the opposite of a procrastinator (impulsive might be the word). When I decide something needs to be done, I do it. I am not saying that's always a good thing, but it's me. I like things complete. Done. Whole.

I am so content with my family. I adore my little little ones and enjoy them so much. Yet, knowing we want one more child, I am excited to know my whole family. It is not that I want my kids to grow and be gone, but I am excited to be moving forward. Right now, I feel like we're in more of a holding pattern. Obviously, we are living life and not waiting for it to start....but we are not complete.

And I am ready to be complete. Except I am not ready to get pregnant. So I am thinking maybe 4-5 months to start trying?! We'll see.

On a random note, I have this weird nervousness about having twins. I may have already written that before, but it is a thought I have. My aunts are twins, so it's not a completely crazy thought. Plus, Brett has always wanted five kids but I know I only have one more pregnancy in me (it's just rough). Lastly, my sister, who has strong intuition, called me one day and said, "You know you'll be one of those people who tries for their last baby and has twins." Maybe it's intuition, or maybe she thinks it would be funny for my perfectly made plans to be turned upside down. (She's more spontaneous and fun than me).

But, in thinking about babies/pregnancy, it makes me laugh how different people are when it comes to different decisions. Brett and I have always found out the sex of our baby during the ultrasound (they couldn't tell with Chloe, and I started bawling....the ultrasound tech let me come back a few weeks later and not charge it to my sweet!). We couldn't imagine not knowing the sex. And we always name our child early on. Both of us like to specifically pray for the child and give them an identity. After finding out the baby's sex, we decide on a name within weeks.

I am amazed at people who have the patience to wait to find out what they're having. It would drive me crazy! I am not even pregnant, and I want to know what my last child will be! Of course, I don't think it's wrong not to find out. Conversely, I am amazed at their patience!
I am also impressed that people can wait to name their baby. In my mind, it is way too much pressure to decide on a name after giving birth!

I love that God created us all different....down to the last detail. What a cool way to display His creativity!!


  1. I should find out in about 10 days what baby #4 is and I can't wait. If its a She, her name is chosen but if it's a He we have to start getting serious on picking something =) I have friends who don't find out and I am amazed by that!!!

  2. Four is a wonderful number. I love my four!

    I know what you mean about God's amazing creativity. All four of mine are boys, all redheads who look a lot alike (peas from the same pod) but they are so incredibly different!

    I applaud you for planning for FOUR!


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