Friday, March 18, 2011

Believe the Best

First of all, I would like to thank everyone for your encouraging emails and comments. My passion is to see marriages and family succeed and thrive. God has called me to this ministry, yet my whole hearted desire is to first do my own family well. Let's be honest: if I had a failing marriage and crazy kids, no one would listen to me. Realizing this, I have always put my desire to do this kind of ministry on the back burner. My kids will be grown by the time I'm 50, so that would give me 50 years to fulfill my call to ministry. Yet, in recent months God started nudging me to start now. So writing the Family First posts is really just a step in obeying Him. It truly means the world to me to hear your comments and feedback, so thank you sooooo much!!

After writing the communication post last week, "believing the best" is immediately what popped into my head. The world can be a dark, lonely place. Jobs can be stressful. Friends can be hurtful. Strangers can be rude. Our homes need to be a safe haven. There are so many facets to this, but a key to creating a safe home is to believe the best about each other.

Trust that your spouse is for you and desires to please you. When they make a mistake, view it through the eyes of grace. Don't take shortcomings personal. Believe the best.

Believe the best about your children, as well. Instead of getting annoyed at every little act of disobedience, look for the root of the issue. Toddlers and preschoolers are not hard to figure out. They either need your focused attention, to eat, or to sleep. If those three needs are met, there are less issues.
When I sit on the floor and play with my kids, they are rarely disobedient. They get crazy when I get on the phone, clean the house, etc. I realize that we have to do all of these things and training your kids to respond appropriately is important....but sometimes we just need to stop and give them our full attention.

When issues arise where you tend to get bitter or mad or frustrated, choose to believe the best about your mate. Everyone has good qualities and focusing on those makes a world of difference in your perspective.

Believing the best about your family is so important, but also believing the best about everyone is just a great way to live.

God created all people, and everyone is valuable. Instead of focusing on people's negative qualities, find the treasure in them. For some people, it may be small. But find it. And focus on it. Discovering the best about each person you meet will change your perspective.

As you go about your week, instead of rehearsing faults and offense, dwell on the good qualities of your family members and friends.

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