Friday, March 25, 2011

Household Tips

A few weeks ago, I wrote some household tips. I always love reading these from others, so I thought I'd share some I have learned through the years. In no particular order, this is what makes my life easier:

- Now you can get rid of your home phone. And save money. And time (no telemarketers!!).

- Organize your kitchen. Spend a few minutes considering the most efficient way to organize your kitchen. This may mean putting things where they "don't belong" by normal standards.
For instance, put cups and dishes closest to the dishwasher. They're heavy, so the less you have to carry them, the better.
Put cooking utensils by the stove.
Put potholders near the oven.
You get the idea.

- Trash your mail. When you get your mail, walk straight to the trash can/recycle bin, toss the junk.

- Take everything off of your fridge. I have mixed feelings about this, though, to be honest. I love displaying my kids' artwork. They are budding artists and I love to show them off. But a few days ago, I took everything off....and the kitchen looks so much better.

- If you burn stuff on the bottom of a pan, put some water and baking soda in the pan...bring to a boil....and its much easier to clean off.

- When I have friends over for dinner, I fill up the sink with soapy water right after dinner. I put the dishes in, then enjoy chatting with my guests. When they leave, clean up is so much faster. No food is stuck on, so I can put them straight into the dishwasher.

- Don't own an animal. Haha, just kidding. I was just thinking earlier how much more work I did when we owned a dog. That's random. Sorry.

- Give stuff away. I recently passed on/donated 8-9 huge bags of stuff. It was absolutely so freeing!! I declutter a lot, so it was impressive I could still get that much stuff.
As you probably know, we relocated to South Florida last year. It is hot here. All year around. Even when it's "cold', it's not cold. I gave away almost all of our winter clothes. Some people may ask "what if you travel north during the winter"?! Answer: we probably won't. Ha! On a serious note, it may or may not fit and it may or may not be in style...totally not worth hanging on to. If we traveled north often, I'd reconsider, but we don't.
Brett and I both went through our closets and gave away stuff that we just never wore. Think about it: you probably wear the same outfits over and over. Pass on clothes that don't flatter you. Or shoes you don't like.
Pass on the toys your kids don't play with. And throw away little parts that they don't use. I have a hard time doing that, but I did it recently, and it was super helpful!
Giving away stuff is so liberating and helps keep your home much more organized. I recently passed on a set of dishes. I had two sets. Even though both were useful and good, I never cook enough to need two sets. But I did spend a lot of time trying to balance my collection in a small cabinet. Truly think about what you spend more time picking up/organizing than actually using.

I am a nerd. I love tips on making life easier, more efficient, and better.

Feel free to share your tips!

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  1. Love this post!! I've just spent some time catching up with your blog and asking myself..."where have you been that you missed all these posts that Sarah wrote?" I haven't discovered the answer yet (C:


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