Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Kansas Memory

One of my first friends I met in KC called me today. My friend, Allison, was first my neighbor then my friend. We first met when she brought me a meal after Caleb was born, even though we had just met the day before. I have shared this before, but I wondered if she was poisoning me because I didn't know a person could be so thoughtful.

Her call was so refreshing to me! I've had a rough couple of days....nothing, in particular, just my once-in-awhile meltdown when the world seems it might just be ending. So, her call was very well timed.

In talking, I got to thinking about our friendship. I still get homesick for my old home from time to time, and do you want to know what memory means more to me than most any other??

January 2010 was historically one of the worst winters in KC in decades. I was 9 months pregnant and completely snowed in for days. I normally never drove in winter weather, because if I didn't have to leave, I wouldn't risk it.

However, after weeks of staying home, I had reached my breaking point. Allison, who had moved about 10 minutes away, hosted a scrapbooking day. I don't scrapbook, but I do enjoy hanging with my friends who do. Though it had stopped snowing, the streets were still questionable. I drove slow then got stuck on a snow mound in her driveway. But my kids and I made it.

And we hung out at her house, with a few other friends and all our kids, for probably 8 hours.

Nothing special happened. Except that, when I look back, that day meant so much to me.

Close friends, in the same stage of life, who would only be willing to drive in snow for each other. Conversation was easy. Our kids had a blast. Our friendships were deepened over photo corners and Cricuts (and me distracting them all).

It is hard to articulate, but I love how one of my most favorite memories is just an ordinary day.

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