Thursday, March 24, 2011

Museum of Science and Discovery

I live in a climate where it is hot for 50 weeks a year. That is both wonderful and painful. I quite enjoy getting to be outside nearly every single day (unless its raining). However, I hate to be hot. I get grumpy when I am hot.

It's March and already in the 80s. Realizing it's only going to get hotter, I decided that I needed to find some quality indoor activities. My friends told me about The Museum of Science and Discovery. It's a fantastic place to take kids. We got a membership so we can go often! The membership gets us in at 300 museums around the country, which is also fun!

I took the kids today, and we had a blast! Caleb asked if we could go every day!

I know this is so gross, but Luke looked so funny I couldn't help but laugh:


I have another picture of him with an orange that he carried around most of the day, but it won't upload :(

Caleb and Chloe loved playing in the cockpit:

Airplane wheels:

I know this will sound so dumb, but I had the mental picture that airplane wheels are the size of stroller wheels. It's not like I had ever dwelled on that thought, but I had that image. When I saw how big the wheels actually are, I was like "duh, they'd have to be big!" Common sense, of course, but I never really thought about it!

What a fun day!

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  1. We love Children's/ Science museums. We too have memberships and they are great to use when you travel! They are everywhere =)


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