Saturday, March 12, 2011

My Pookadoodle

Luke (who we affectionately refer to as Pookers and Pookadoodle) is so adorable. He is in that exhausting stage where he climbs on everything and often falls off. He can get on the couch, up the stairs, and on the kitchen table. I spend most of the time chasing him around. As exhausting as it can be, he is so darn cute. Like, I want to melt-every-day cute. I can't get enough of my sweet Doodle!




(photographic proof)

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  1. that made my laugh out loud. our happy buddy almost fell off the kitchen stools today b/c today he learned how to climb them.

    haha, and while you are chasing luke around, chloe's getting naked and caleb's setting off rockets??? you sure have your hands full. :-)

    you're a superhero mommy!


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