Monday, March 28, 2011

The Silver Lining

While I absolutely hate spending even one moment apart from Brett, he's been gone for the last week and has one more stay positive, I am trying to look at the silver lining (you know, the positive side to him being gone a week).

- My to-do list is completely done. Bills paid. Laundry done. House clean.

- I cleaned out our filing cabinet. Why did I still have my cable bill from 2009? I don't know. My kids loved shredding all of the documents.

- I finally ordered a TV console (except it was only $179 when I ordered!). Our living room TV used to be in our basement. The current stand has always been ugly, but I've never minded it...until it was the focal point in our living room. Because we'll eventually buy a home, I did not want to splurge on a nice console (in case it doesn't fit in our next home), but I did want something more appealing in the meantime. Since we've decided to continue renting for awhile longer, I am trying to make our house a little more homey.

- When I go to bed, I stay asleep. Brett, typically, comes to bed after me. I usually fall asleep, then when he comes to bed, I wake up....and get a second wind of energy. I love that time with him, so I don't mind, but I am trying to look at the silver lining of his absence!

- I've caught up on TV shows Brett would never watch.

- I finished our "Last Half of 2010" home video and burned the DVD.

- I ordered and organized photos from the last 2 months.

- I rearranged the stuff on my kitchen counters. I like change.

- I took my kids to a museum. Twice!

- I actually read a few chapters of a book.

Even though my life is very caught up at this point, I would still much rather him be home!!! A caught up life is overrated. Time spent with my man is way more awesome!

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