Thursday, March 24, 2011

Stories to Remember

While in the Keys...
Me: Chloe, do you need to potty?

Chloe: No

Me: Ok, but don't pee in the hot tub.

Chloe: I won't. I already peed in the big pool.

When we unload from the car, Caleb unbuckles himself. I, then, put Luke in the stroller (if I need it). Lastly, I unbuckle Chloe. Almost every time I open the door to unbuckle her, she pretends to be asleep. Except that she has the biggest smile on her face (because she's so proud of herself for fake sleeping). It makes me laugh. Every single time!

When complimenting Caleb, he always responds with "oh". Such a humble boy.

Luke loves to scream. He screams all the time. If he wants something, he screams. He screams himself to sleep. My dad is very humored by his screaming. Luke is known for his screaming. Considering he barely made a noise his first year, it's forgivable. And he is so absolutely cute!!

Caleb: Mom, did Dad learn anything in school when he was a kid??

Me: Yeah, why?

Caleb: Then why can't he spell words like "risen"?

Brett is not a strong speller, but when sending an email, he likes to double check words. Quite funny that Caleb noticed!

My kids do such funny stuff each day. They are the best!!!

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