Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Great Grandparents

I am so mad! When we went to Brett's parents for the weekend, I forgot my camera. A lot of his extended family always comes to visit, and I love to get pictures of our kids with all of the people who adore them!

I did get this one picture on my phone. These are my kids' Great Grandparents on Brett's mom's side.

All four of Brett's grandparents are still married and alive!! None of my grandparents are alive, so I love having his in my life! They send me money on my birthday and give me presents for Christmas....which is so fun for me since I didn't have that growing up (my mom's mom developed Alzheimer's when I was young, my dad's parents died fairly young, and my mom's dad had a lot of great qualities but he was not the grandfatherly type).

When we got married, he also had three GREAT grandparents still alive....but two have since passed away! That still leaves his great grandma! His great grandfather refused medical treatment, or else he'd still be going strong, too. He was just done with life and ready to go.

Brett grew up close to his grandparents, so he doesn't know (as well as me) how great he has it!

I love family! We are so fortunate that both sides of our families are so wonderful!

I just wish I would've gotten more pictures!!

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  1. That's awesome. My girls have had the opportunity to know great grandparents on both sides, though they all lived far away they were only able to see them a few times. My moms mom is the only one living now (in Floriday) and we treasure the times we are able to see her


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