Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Dream....And Future Home

I hesitate to write this post. First of all, it is hard to convey my true heart in the matter. Secondly, if I am off, I will look dumb.

But I have three children. So I look dumb a lot.

But on the chance God comes through, as He always does, I want to remember this day.

As I have made very clear, I want to own a home. A few weeks ago, when I was in the midst of house hunting, I had a significant dream. God actually speaks to me a lot in dreams (maybe its the only time I stop long enough to listen??) Long dream short, at the end, I was sitting in a church called Rio Vista (shout out, Julie!). Someone said, "I have the check for you [for my house], but it isn't here yet."

That is when I decided to lay down my dream for a house. I realized that God cares about my home ownership, but the time was not now.

Rewind about three years. I was reading a book one night while visiting my parents. Out of the blue, I felt God tell me that He was going to pay off our house mortgage....that we would live mortgage-free. At the time, we had a very affordable mortgage, so this was not a dream in my heart. I have no idea how this would happen, but I sensed God would do a miracle.

God has only spoken to me that significantly a few other times in my life, so I knew it was definitely Him. For those who have never heard God speak to you, it is hard to explain. It's not audible...just a strong sense that is undeniable.

Back to the present...

There is a neighborhood called Rio Vista in Ft. Lauderdale that I absolutely love! It is WAY WAY WAY out of our price range, but I love it. It is an older neighborhood with beautiful homes. I just really like it. It is honestly the only neighborhood in my area that I've driven through and said "I really love it here." There's plenty of places I'd be happy to live, but this place I truly love.

So a few weeks ago, I had that dream. I didn't really connect Rio Vista...I was more focused on the "not now".

Last night, I drove through a neighborhood to look at a home I liked online. Well, it was completely under a termite tent, close to a sketchy neighborhood. It was a no go.

I got to Target and checked my email before going in. I had not one but TWO different friends (one from high school, one from college) mention they live in Rio Vista.

Because Rio Vista is so far out of our price range, I have never even entertained living there. But I stopped for a moment to consider the irony of the situation: while looking for a house, I got these emails....of my dream home.

When telling Brett about it, he completely encouraged dream big!! This could be what God has for us. I mean, He created the world in 6 days....He could give us a house for free in a perfect neighborhood. Not because we want to live for worldly possessions...but because we actually feel called to reach affluent people in our city. So many Christians feel compelled to help the poor (which I definitely agree is a noble, godly cause), but everyone is in need of a Savior. We saw up close and personal during Brett's NFL days that money does not equate joy or fulfillment. Only Jesus satisfies.

About five years ago, God started impressing upon both Brett and me that He has called us to go into the "high places" of society. It felt materialistic and weird, at first, but over time, God has first stripped us of our desire for wealth (for selfish gain) and replaced it with a true desire to serve and bless all people. I have a long way to go, of course, in becoming who God has called me to be...but reaching high society is my passion.

I still have absolutely no idea how God plans to come through on my HUGE dream. And I only want it if it is truly His will. No house, no matter how amazing, is worth having, if its not what God has for us. Fortunately for us, if we were to get a good house in Rio Vista, it would be nothing short of a huge miracle.

I may be totally off on God's plans for us. This just unfolded very recently. I am writing it, in faith, because when Brett was encouraging me to dream big, it felt straight from God. Has that ever happened to you before?

I have a very long history of God coming through on seemingly materialistic things....the biggest one is when we were given a Toyota Sequoia for FREE when Luke was born (and we needed a bigger car)....the very car I dreamed of driving, in the exact color I wanted.

Dream big with me. Not for me, but what dreams are in your heart?? I have found that when I bring my biggest, wildest dreams to God, they are never big enough. He is a good God who longs to give good gifts to His children (not necessarily materialistic but it can be).

Let Him be good to you today.

And when I get my awesome house in Rio Vista....come visit me :)!


  1. awesome story. I totally believe in dreaming big and in God providing MORE than we need!

    also- I do agree that many overlook serving the wealthy for Christ. I personally cannot do it, it is SO much harder for me. My heart becomes so judgmental. And I am SO thankful for people like you that God has prepared to go to this group!! Praying for you in that!!

  2. Whoop whoop!! You go girl!!! Dream big!!! And come on Daddy! I am not letting go of my dream to own a toyota and clear....and of having our house finished completely.


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