Monday, April 4, 2011

PlayMobil Fun Park

Caleb absolutely loves to receive his cousin, Elias', hand-me-down toys. My sister is smart and buys high quality toys rather than a large quantity of them.

When we get a box in the mail from Elias, it is like Christmas times 10 for Caleb. He adores his cousin, so getting his toys is the best!

A couple of months ago, the treasure box was filled with PlayMobil stuff. Lots and lots of PlayMobil! Caleb plays with it every single day. Chloe and Luke also enjoy playing with it!!

Imagine my excitement when a friend told me about the PlayMobil Fun Park in West Palm Beach. This past weekend, we went to Brett's parents. Since we drive right past it, we decided to check it out.

(It was really sunny outside)

Oh my gosh, it is AMAZING. The cost to get in is $1 (for as long as you want to stay). There were, at least, 100 (maybe more; I am bad at estimating) different PlayMobil sets to play with.

All three of my kids absolutely loved it!!


Doesn't Luke look tiny next to Brett!?!

The picture of Chloe was really blurry :(.

If you're ever in the area, this is definitely a fun way to spend the morning!

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