Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Our Bedtime Routine

Bedtime tuck-ins are my most favorite time of the day. I absolutely cherish this time. No matter what has happened in the day, the last 30 minutes of my kids' day is precious. Time is passing so quickly, and when my kids are grown and gone, I want to remember these days! (This isn't entertaining, just something I want to remember!)

My kids take a bath most every night (anyone who knows me is not shocked by this). Going to bed clean is one of life's greatest joys! All three bathe together. At the present, Luke absolutely hates getting his hair washed (though all of my kids have gone through it at some point).

Luke gets out first. The other two kids keep playing while Brett or I (usually me because I love this age!) puts on his pajamas. One of us will snuggle him for a few moments while singing to him, then we'll pray for him. He cries for a few minutes then falls asleep.

Caleb and Chloe get out of the bath and get their teeth brushed (Luke gets his brushed too). They get dressed for the night: Caleb in his boxers and Chloe in her diaper.

We read a chapter of The Big Picture Story Bible. Afterwards, we pray. Then, after praying for real, we do "silly prayers". Caleb and Chloe invented these. They go something like this:
"Welcome God for poop!" (The kids say "welcome God" instead of "thank you God". I find it so adorable!)
"Welcome God for (fart noise)!"
"Welcome God for butts!"
Then Chloe will inevitably say, "Welcome God for tickle parties!!!" And we all tickle each other!

Silly Prayers are a highlight in my day. I love watching my kids laugh so hard....even if it is mostly to poop, farts, and the like.
I love that they know God as a true answerer of prayer but also a fun friend.

After this, we snuggle some more. We hug and kiss. We affirm our kids by looking in their eyes and telling them how much we love them, are proud of them, and love that they're a part of our family.

We do "family snuggles" in Chloe's room, so then Caleb leaves.

They both play in their bedrooms for about an hour before falling asleep. Lately, they've been asking a million questions every night. I am trying to stop that, but they're just so darn sweet!!

Until we started reading the Bible book, we would tuck our kids in individually. They love doing family snuggles, but we'll return to individual when Luke is a little older and we don't risk waking him up. I love their openness at bedtime. I know as they get older that tuck-ins are a time kids give a window into their soul (so I've heard).

Tonight, when Brett asked the kids what they wanted to pray for, Chloe said, "I want Jesus to talk to me."
Caleb said, "I want Jesus to take me to Toys R Us in my dreams."

Love those kids!!

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  1. Loved reading this and love the passion and joy you have for your kids. It is absolutely crazy how similar our bedtime routine is to yours. Minus the silly prayer time :) But we LOVE the big picture story book bible too! Thanks for sharing!


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