Monday, May 16, 2011

Quirky Food Habits I Have

I am a weird eater. I'll eat most anything, but I am still sort of picky. When we go out to eat, Brett orders a meal and makes no changes to it. I take things off, add things, and substitute things.

As I was making lunch today, more of my food weirdnesses came to mind. I know everyone has their different tastes, and honestly, that fascinates me! I love God's creativity....that He thinks about every little detail when making people unique.

Here are my food quirks:
- Ever since I got pregnant with Luke, I cannot stand ketchup. I used to love it, and now it completely grosses me out.

- I never liked desserts until I was pregnant with Caleb. Now I eat them far too often.

- I love Diet Coke, but when I eat Chinese/Japanese food, I always drink water.

- I don't add butter to anything. I can eat it in things but don't prefer it on things.

- I can only eat mayo and lunch meat if I don't have to put it on my sandwich (isn't that weird)

- I eat just peanut butter sandwiches. No jelly. Brett thinks this is so weird. But he dips his grilled cheese in ketchup, so what does he know? ;)

- I think I am thirstier than most people. I drink a ton of water and always have to have a glass of water with me.

- I don't like tomatoes or olives.

- I could eat sushi and pizza every day of my life.

- I prefer thin french fries to thick ones.

- I have never liked milk.

- Braces made me weird about how I eat food (anyone else??). I do not like to bite into sandwiches/corn on the cob/etc. I prefer to tear sandwiches into bite-size pieces, but if it's too difficult, I will just eat it normally. With corn on the cob, I cut it off the cob.

- I eat really fast, but I drink slowly.

- I always save my best bite for last. Usually, I will set it to the side to save for my last bite. I can't count the number of times someone will grab it off my plate and say, "Oh, you're not going to eat that?" so fast I can't stop them. When I write that down, it sounds like really bad manners, but in the moment, its sort of a natural thing. Maybe its because I come from a big family, and we always tried each other's food??

Believe it or not, this is one of the first things I told Brett when we started dating. I said, "Just so you know, I always set my best bite aside to eat last, so please don't grab it off my plate."

I am surprised he continued to date me.

Now 7 years later, if he wants a bite of my food, he will ask, "Is this best bite?"
When I offer him food, he can recognize if its my best bite or not. Sometimes, I give him my best bite just because I love him!

This is the most random post, but I was making my kids PB&J's for lunch....totally repulsed by the jelly....and thought about everything else I eat!

What about you....what are some of your weird food habits??


  1. Ha! So fun! I have lots of weird food habits. I can't do mayo but there are some coleslaws I can stand which is funny because they're mayo based. My really weird food thing is that I can't eat cooked fruit. The texture of it makes me gag. So no apple or any other fruit pies for me!

  2. Ooooo what a thought provoker....hmmmm let's see. I love fruit, but I don't like it on things like oatmeal, but I love it in pies or plain...I think it's the cold and hot mixture.

    I'm sure my hubby would say I enjoy eating my food way too much...I apparently have quirky eating habits.

    I'm sure there are more weird things...I'll have to think about it..

    I DO NOT like my food to touch if it's not meant to touch!!! My grandma used to say "it all goes in the same place, and I'd say, it doesn't have to go there at the same time".

    OH, and I do not like soggy breads or cakes...

  3. Peanut butter sandwiches without jelly are not strange!! I went thru a phase where that was my breakfast every day. Yum!!


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