Friday, May 6, 2011


Caleb and Chloe use the word "stupid" way too much. I am trying to teach them not to say it.

Always the negotiator, Caleb asked, "Can we call the devil stupid?"

Sure, he is stupid. Call him stupid all day long.

Chloe said, "Can we call the devil stupid in the bathroom?"
The backstory: they also like to talk about poop, pee, and the like (much to my dismay). Instead of telling them they can't say those words, I say, "We can only say "poop" in the bathroom."
Logically, Chloe thinks any "bad" words can be said in the bathroom.

Later in the same car ride, Caleb said, "Mom, can we call the Gators stupid??"

Honesty is important, so I am going to say yes.

College rivalries trump godliness. Right?

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