Tuesday, May 3, 2011

When I Own Again

I recently wrote about my dream home.....and guess what...God completely changed my heart and mind about where we will live. I will write about that later (as it unfolds), but it is hilarious how quickly God can transform my dreams! I want to follow God, at all cost, so I am always so thankful when He saves me from a bad decision.

Anyway....I have been dreaming of home ownership, and I am praying so hard to find a house in the next few weeks....so as I dream, I have been making mental notes of what I want it my house. I will share them with you!

- I want chalkboard paint on some wall. I love the idea of kids expressing themselves on a "forbidden" space. Maybe I have some rebellion issues. Nah, I just want my kids to have fun!!

- I want to have a homeschool/playroom. I hope to be able to keep my kids' toys out of their room and out of the main living room. I'm thinking of selling our beautiful dining room set to make room for toys! It obviously depends on the house we find!

- Lots of paint on the walls! I am not a fan of white walls. I love color. Our old house had at least 8 different colors on the walls.

- I want a living room that does not contain a TV. And one that does :).

- I want my armoire and a TV back in my room. Our armoire did not fit up our stairs, so its currently downstairs. I miss falling asleep to the TV.

- I am so hoping for a ranch style home. I've only lived in a place without stairs for one year of my life (my freshman year of college). I would love a new style of home that I've never had before!

- Not in the near future, but one day I hope to own really nice window treatments and/or plantation shutters.

- I really want to buy Chloe new furniture....a coordinating white bedroom set. She has a queen bed that has been in our guest room since before I ever married Brett. I want something cute and girly....with a twin bed so she has more room to play!

A girl can dream!! We'll see what house God provides!

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  1. Love your dreams. I have seen some really cute chalkboard ideas. I did it in my girls old room and it was so fun! But make sure you have a flat wall (if it's textured, sand it smooth).


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