Thursday, June 16, 2011

God Keeps Blowing Me Away

God. Is. Good.

The past few weeks have been quite stressful and a lot of work. There are so many details that go into home buying and into moving, in general. Added to the fact we still have to raise our kids and go to work (well, Brett. I stay home for work :).)

Throughout the process, the Lord has been so faithful to give confirmations that we've made the right decision and are doing what He has called us to.

Today, He further confirmed this all.

The couple we're buying our home from asked us to come over so they could show us how to work everything (you know, the little stuff that it takes awhile to learn....which light switches do what, how the a/c unit works, etc).

I am not exaggerating when I say this: I don't know if I have ever met nicer, more helpful people. First, they've kept an impeccable home. They've owned it 30 years, and it is in pristine condition. They haven't done a ton of updating (which has a story that I will get to), but they have taken amazing care of everything.

They even have diagrams and instructions for different stuff. The man is very detail oriented, and buying a house from someone like that is a tremendous blessing. I know everything will work as it should, and nothing is cheaply done. Plus, I won't be confused trying to figure stuff out.

Additionally, furniture and items they did not want to keep, they are leaving for us. I like to repurpose stuff, so I actually am very excited for future projects!!

The story about not updating.....a few years ago, they thought about updating their home (and even had plans drawn up). As they thought about it, they realized the would want to eventually sell the home to a family....and updating would make the home much more expensive. Not wanting it to be too costly for a young family, they left it.
The home would have definitely been out of our price range, in that case. I am SO thankful they had the forethought to consider others. Very cool.

Seriously, these people are so nice. Standing in their home (soon to be ours), I was so thankful to be buying a home from them. I felt very good about our decision.

On our way out, they stopped us and asked if they could pray for us. We live in a VERY ungodly area. The chances of buying a home from fellow believers is low. I feel strongly the the people in a house strongly effect the atmosphere of a home. With all the weird spiritual activity in our area, homes can have a yucky feeling sometimes.

Considering that, I'm SOOOOO happy our home-to-be has had a godly environment for 30 years. I can tell that many, many prayers have been prayed in those walls. The atmosphere has been encouraging and uplifting.
I love that we're moving into a place where a couple has invested in a godly legacy. What a great feeling!!

This kind of stuff is important to me, and I love how God answers small details like that. He is SO good.

Back to my point....the man asked if he could pray for us. He, in essence, released the house to us. He thanked Jesus for the miracle the home had been for them (which, as you know, has become a miracle to us!). He prayed for us as we raise our kids in the encouragement of the Lord.

Though I am not explaining it well, it was one of the highlights of my life. It was a cool moment to share with this couple. They said we already felt like family, and we could not thank them enough.

It is strange, if you think about it. We are thanking people for letting us buy their home, but we were so encouraged by them that it truly feels like a gift.

One last story....when we arrived, the couple (who are grandparents) had toys waiting out for our kids to play with. That small extra touch really meant a lot because it meant I could actually focus on them, instead of worrying my kids were messing with their stuff.

I continue to be blown away by God. I always know He'll come through on our behalf, but to add small, important-to-me details is so encouraging and faith building!

Now to wait three weeks til we can move in......ahhhhhh!!! Its TOO long!

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  1. I'm going to keep this post anonymous, for the simple fact that not many people know this about me and it's something I'm not too proud of. But in the past few years my faith and belief in God has fluctuated. When I found your blog for the first time, I began to read it for the funny stories of Caleb's antics or Chloe's personality, but as the days went on I found myself starting to read it because of your faith related posts. Your such STRONG belief in God made me want that relationship as well. I will admit I am nowhere near what you have with him but at least I'm past the first step now. Basically, what my rambling story is getting to is a thank you. Part of my nightly routine has become to check out your blog. It is a pop-up on my google chromes most visited sites. Some nights I get disappointed because there is no new blog to read and others I get ecstatic because there are three! I just wanted to truly thank you for helping me in an indirect way to strengthen my relationship with God..through your own words!


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