Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Life Lately

In a word, life has been BUSY for us lately!!

We bought a house. Our last home we owned, Brett bought before we were ever dating, so I've never gone through the process before. It is A LOT of work. SO worth it, but it is a lot! It is also nerve wrecking!

We are making some major changes in our ministry. Day to day, Brett is still doing college ministry, but he has other things he's doing as well (which is a good thing). We've changed all of our administrative components to be more fluid. In the end, it will all be a very good thing, but it just is a lot of work! And it is happening at an inopportune time, but isn't that how it always is??

I started packing boxes today. I am doing a little every day. We will hire movers for our big furniture, but we're doing the little stuff ourselves.
I am not packing nearly as carefully as the people did who moved us last year, so I am hoping everything survives the move :).

My kids are doing awesome! They are getting too big, too fast....but I love watching them grow!

Caleb is starting school in the fall and is super excited. His favorite subject is science, and he is always asking to do projects. Caleb is a deep kid, and he has the most amazing memory of anyone I've ever seen. He remembers the most obscure details, and it blows me away! Caleb is such a great big brother. He loves being in charge, and he is a terrific pacesetter for the kids. He plays well with them but also watches out for their well being.
He always asks me to read "the joke of it" on his Gogurts, and he now has them memorized (based on which character is on the wrapper). His favorite drink is chocolate milk, and anytime I ask him what he wants for lunch, he says, "Sugar! Sugar! Sugar!" (which he obviously doesn't get....most of the time! Sometimes, I let him have dessert for lunch.)
He has high highs and low lows. I am either a SUPER AWESOME mom or THE MEANEST MOM EVER. I find this quite entertaining!
Caleb is an all around great kid!

Chloe is full of joy and laughter. She lives to laugh and even laughs when she's in trouble. She is so spunky. I think most people would call Chloe strong willed, but I think she's more feisty than mean. (She isn't mean at all). Chloe's favorite drink is apple juice. She loves to pretend to be a baby (or a dog, sometimes). Her dog name is Tollie or Collie. When she's a baby, she can't (won't) talk, so I don't know her baby name. Seriously, she prefers to eat lunch in Luke's highchair and asks to sleep in his crib.
Chloe is so affectionate; she loves to kiss, hug, and always wants to sit on my (or Brett's) lap. Like me, she is slow to wake up in the morning, but I love her early morning snuggles. Chloe changes her clothes about 8 times a day, but actually prefers to wear just panties. She dances all the time. She gets lost in dance when music is playing, and she also likes to put on ballet shows! Her dance teacher, Brittany, also babysits for us, and Chloe always requests a private lesson while we're out :).
I adore my Punky Sue....she is so sweet, so funny, and definitely keeps me on my toes :). With loving to wear make-up, paint her nails, and dress up, she is as girlie as they come! I love watching her girliness!

And, Luke....oh, my sweet baby boy! This boy melts my heart. He is such a snuggler. He loves to cuddle. Throughout the day, he climbs up on me, hugs me, and lays his head on my shoulder. It is the best!! I love his affection!! But he is also a bruiser! Today, he fell down the stairs :( and barely cried! He head butts people, and he likes to hit people with swords (or remotes or anything else!).
Luke keeps up with the big kids so well. He just follows them around. Because he and Caleb share a room, they laugh at each other all the time! Luke does everything so much quicker than the others because he is so eager to be a part of the fun! He already says "mama", "dada", and "ball" ("ba"). When he wants something, he just points to it! He finds a way to get what he wants.
Luke is so adorable and so easy. He is a climber, which is exhausting, but besides that, he is super easy! He laughs so much, and I love that. He is so happy and goes with the flow!

I am in love with my sweet children. I will often look at them and can't believe this is my life! I get to be their mama!! I love it!!! They are so unique and all so wonderful. My heart overflows with love.

Though life is crazy busy, and I feel pretty overwhelmed, God is good. In a few months, I know we'll feel so much more settled and that will be a great feeling!! School will start, which will be a new adventure and probably overwhelming, as well. Such is life.

But God is always good!!

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  1. I love the description of your kids. Caleb sounds so much like Hunter, I think they would be great friends! Maddie sounds like a mixture of Luke and Chloe. Too early to tell if she will be a girly girl :) Your blog is always a pleasure to read. It's always upbeat and thought provoking.


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