Monday, June 20, 2011

Not That You Asked

Packing a house is a funny thing. We're not actually moving for 25 more days, but Brett will be out of the country for about a week right before we I feel some urgent need to have the house mostly packed before he leaves. So, other than what we will use in the next month, we are mostly packed.

Except for the garage and the china cabinet.
Because I don't even know where to start.

Most of the garage stuff is unpackable, I guess. But it still is annoying me.

Packing my china and crystal scare me. My crystal breaks if I run too hot of water over it (learned that the hard way), so it seems rather delicate.

I actually am surprised how much progress I've made. I absolutely love home projects....something fun to do once my kids are in bed. Packing has not been terrible.

I've packed quite a few of my kids' toys....that way, they'll seem new again in a month!! They don't seem to miss them.

I am SO excited that our new house will have a play room. I've hated having toys in bedrooms. I feel like its too much stimulation during naps/bedtime. Plus, they literally destroy their rooms during rest time (Luke is the only who sleeps everyday, but the big kids rest). They do not destroy the house at other times in the day, so I am not sure why they do that. Boredom, maybe?!

I am dreaming up a super fun play room for my kids. Pinterest has been a huge help is getting ideas. I found Pinterest at the perfect time....right when I am about to move and need fresh inspiration!

It is so tempting to make my new house just like my old house. I know the paint colors of my old house worked, but I really want a fresh look, even though my furniture is the same.

I cannot wait to have painted walls again!! I love color, and that has been one of the hardest parts of renting (lame, I know).

Moving is so crazy. There is so much to be done! I've had to make tons of phone calls to coordinate everything. Switching our address and all that takes time, too. This is the stuff I don't like to do, and it keeps me up at night! So much of it can't be done until we actually move, but it's still weighing on my mind!

Anyway, just an update on life. I am so glad that we won't be moving again for a long time!! Our new house is a dream come true to me, so the only way we'd move is if God calls us to move to a different city (which I really hope doesn't happen...I love where we're at!).

I am SOOOO excited I can hardly stand it!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. What country did Brett go to this time? I still remember going to Latvia with him and how much fun it was!


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