Monday, June 13, 2011

Random Thoughts In My Head

I am warning you....this is very random....but I need to get my thoughts out!!

- I really want my new home to be decorated really cute, but when I go to actually buy something, I can't justify it....partly because of budget, partly because I don't know how to pull stuff together. My friend, Ashlie, is such a good decorator. When I first saw her home, I realized you either have the ability to decorate or you don't. She does; I don't. I really wish I did.

- Buying a house is exhausting. This is my first home to purchase (Brett bought our last one before we were dating), and it is a lot of work. BUT, the excitement far outweighs the work!

- Financially, I am really nervous to own a home again. Because of the housing market in south Florida, our new home is quite a leap of faith, but we have complete peace its from God. It is a common theme in my life that God calls me to the seemingly impossible, yet He always makes it possible.

- In all other areas, I am completely freaking out excited to have a place to call home. Renting is just not for me. I am passionate about making a home, which I find difficult in a rental, especially since we hope to live where we do for many years! I absolutely love our new house, and I cannot stop dreaming of the possibilities it holds!

- Sometimes I have a hard time understanding Caleb's first born personality. While he does love to make us laugh, he takes life very seriously. He has high highs and low lows, and I wish I had a better way to parent him when he gets really frustrated. In most ways, his personality is absolutely delightful. When it comes to getting mad, he does not handle his anger/frustration well. Any insight is welcome.

- I wish I was one of those people who loves to exercise.

- I go back and forth on when to start trying for baby #4. I can't wait to meet my last sweet baby and have a complete family, and I am excited to be out of the child bearing years. But, I also am enjoying the freedom of not being pregnant/nursing. I guess I will be ready when it's time, which will probably be once we get settled into our new home (God willing, of course).

- I have this weird fear of having twins. Because I am 99% sure this will be my last pregnancy (I am careful not to say what I won't do, because I never know what God will call me to) and knowing four is the number of kids I envision having, I get nervous to have twins. While it probably is unlikely, it's not that far off. My aunts are twins, and there are twins on Brett's side. Realistically, I think I will just have one (because God knows my limits...haha), but it is still a lingering thought.

- Living in faith is way more fun than living in fear. Yet, lately, I have been battling weird fears. Ugh.

- On the other hand, I have been focusing much more on my time with Jesus, and it has been amazing. Rather than just trying to check it off my to-do list, I've been enjoying my relationship with Him. It has been refreshing. Maybe that is why the enemy is bombarding me with fear. Stupid devil.

- I am craving sushi in a major way. I must satisfy this craving soon.

- In packing boxes to move, I am enjoying the emptiness of cabinets and drawers. In a perfect world, I think my house would have very little in it. Yet, almost everything I keep has a good purpose for its place in my home, so it is not like this living is entirely realistic.

- I packed up a lot of toys today. I forget we're not actually moving for a month. I hope my kids survive.

- Is anyone else so thankful social media was not really around (except for e-mail) in high school and college?? While I like it in my adulthood, I think it would've been detrimental in high school. I was not wild, but I still was immature. Plus, I was fairly shy, so I probably would've broken up with every boyfriend I had via text. Less technology made me have decent manners.
(I told you this list was random)

- I think my last baby will be a girl. I want to name her Phoebe. Brett says no. But he also said no for Chloe, and my persistence paid off.

- I am really tired, so the rest of my thoughts will have to keep swirling in my brain.

I apologize for just wasting 5 minutes of your life reading this :)


  1. LOL girl you seriously crack me up. I always love your random posts because there is zero flow to your thoughts which makes it all the more hilarious...almost like stepping in your brain for a moment. I know i'm like that too (inside my head) so you have me laughing :)

    As far as the decorating goes. Hit up consignment sales, estate sales, auctions etc. I rarely buy ANYTHING new other than mattresses and couches. Every nicknack and piece of furniture in my home has a story behind it just about. I spent years collecting stuff from various places and all for SUPER cheap. I also asked for this kind of stuff for Christmas and birthdays for a while until I felt I had what I needed to move on. Also i worked one room at a time pretty much so that way I could have one room that looked REALLY good and not 5 rooms that were half done. My favorite thing of all is when I have company in town (mom, MIL, sis, bff etc) is to have them help me pick stuff out and find a place for it. We call them "projects" I am fortunate that I have a lot of family and friends with awesome taste and a great eye. My home is a collection of so many of those "projects" I can go into each room and tell you which friend or fam member helped me acquire or arrange various things. It's so overwhelming at first just take it one thing at a time :) and enlist the help of friends! I would LOVE to come help you with your new house :)

  2. I picture you guys having a girl too! I was just thinking that the other day. Yes it is totally weird that I think about other people's future babies? Love your social media comment. Facebook came into existence my last semester of college but wasn't as nearly as big as it is now so I didn't have too much of a distraction. I like your random thoughts!


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