Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Caleb learned to swim without his floaties today!!!!!!!

I could tell he was ready to be done with them, but as a cautious kid, he was in no hurry to try! I assured him he could do it, so he gave it a whirl.

Sure enough, he can swim all over the pool without them!

He said, "I feel so free, and I like it!"

We swam twice today (once before dinner, once after dinner) so he could enjoy his new found freedom.

Caleb is an all or nothing sort of kid. He does not half-do anything. He walked late(ish), but when he started walking, he could walk across the room. He never took a few steps and stopped. He just got up one day and walked across the room! He is like that with anything....he waits until he is good and ready, but then can do whatever it is flawlessly when he actually does it.

I really like that he is confident enough to live life at his own pace.

I am so excited for him. Around March, he would not even go in a pool unless I was holding him, and now he is swimming on his own! It is amazing how quickly things change!

He is also so proud of himself. It is such a joy seeing my children accomplish a difficult task....the elation they get is the best!

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