Tuesday, August 16, 2011

An Annoying Predicament

So I am putting this out there to see if anyone else has the same problem as me.

Before having children, exercise was a regular part of my life. I played sports year around until college, and in college, I worked out (usually by jogging) 3-4 times a week, at least.

Ever since having children, I find it difficult to stay committed to working out.

I think I have diagnosed my problem--besides being tired-- knowing I want to have another child (and each time after having a child, I have known I wanted another) and knowing what it does to my body (when I am puking literally 20x's a day, its impossible to get the energy to work out), I just find it hard to get motivated.

But once I am done with having children, I truly think I will get back into the habit of working out....because the results will be more long term! And IF (that's a strong IF), I can lose the belly chub, it won't come back in a year (after baby #4).

Does anyone else feel that way?? Or am I justifying my lack of motivation.

On a different but similar note....

I was watching Kate Plus 8, and when asked why her fashion has changed so much in recent years, she said that, until your youngest child is 5, a mom has permission to be frumpy. After that, she has to pull herself together and get back into her own life.

Whatever your view on Kate (I happen to like her), I think that's a good mantra :). While I love to wear heels, put on make-up, fix my hair, and dress up....I only do it about once a week. But once kids are less physically demanding, I bet it is easier to get dressed in the morning!

Anyway, welcome to my vain side. I am annoyed about some lingering baby weight.

In other news, I did work out today :).

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  1. It is definitely hard to be motivated to exercise...at least for me it was because I never liked it anyways. I did it because I knew it was good for me, not because I liked it.

    But I wish that I had been more disciplined while pregnant and after I had my kiddos so that I wouldn't have so much to lose now (C:


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