Friday, September 16, 2011


Hi, it's me. The girl who used to blog here.

My days have been full.
My heart is even fuller.
God is blowing me away with His goodness.
I've made a few new friends lately, and that makes my heart very happy.
I have consciously been cutting back on social media.....because no one is more important than my children (except my husband who I talk to face to face).
Lately, I have been really aware of how fast the days are passing. My kids are amazing little creatures. They're learning. They're absorbing this world. But, wow, the days are going too fast. They're going to be in college soon, you know. :)
Part of me wants my kids to stay little forever (that's about 95% of me)....the other part of me is really excited to see the amazing people they're going to become. But that entails growing up and moving out :(.
Homeschooling is going great. I am struggling to not make it like traditional school, and I am having a hard time balancing our social life with school...but I am loving teaching my boy!
Does everyone think they're kids are the cutest, most hilarious, most fun kids on the planet? Or are mine actually that?
I cannot wait to have my last baby. I am not pregnant yet, but I want to be (so you can be praying for that). We haven't actually tried (TMI), but we will get on that asap :).
I think I will have a girl. I want to name her Phoebe. (Brett likes Haley).
If we have a boy, I'm not sure of a name.
Life is good. Life is better than good.

That is my life in a nutshell.

Til next time....(when I post about Chloe's party, more on homeschooling, and why life is more than good)


  1. Praying for you :) and I've always liked Haley for a name (sorry I'm on Brett's side ;) keep enjoying your sweet babies!

  2. You are funny with your TMI! You're on my list to pray for!

  3. Ha! You are funny! Love the name Phoebe! And I'm glad you already decided you would have a girl. My friend recently did a post on her blog about "18 summers" and how we really have only 18 summers with our kids before they graduate and go off on their own, and that we should take advantage of those times with them...wish I would have had this thought "15 years ago"!


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