Saturday, October 8, 2011

When Life Comes Full Circle

In a week, three of my BFF's from Kansas City are coming to Miami for a girls weekend. They chose to do the trip in Miami so I could afford to come (how kind is that!!). I am so thankful because I am so excited I can hardly wait.

As I not-so-patiently await their arrival, I have been reflecting on their friendships and how they came into my life. I have known these girls for about 4-5 years, and in that time, I am truly a better woman/mom/friend/wife because of them.

I moved to Kansas City (it was actually Overland Park, but for some reason, we always said Kansas City) after returning from my honeymoon. A giddy newlywed, I was content to spend every available moment with my new husband. With the exception for the 4 weeks leading up to our wedding, we had never lived in the same town before. We had not even kissed until our wedding day (gasp), so we definitely had not spent the night together. Clearly, his companionship was enough for me. I made friends during this time, but I was not that great at developing the friendships.

Brett got hurt during the pre-season that year. He spent 2 hours a day rehabbing his knee but was home the rest of the day. That was when I slept til 10:30 every day, so truthfully, I barely noticed he was gone. We had so much time together, and I absolutely loved every minute of it.

One year and five days later, I gave birth to my awesome first born son, Caleb. Brett retired from the NFL and went into full time ministry.

Life changed quite abruptly.

I had dreamed of being a mom since as long as I could remember, yet it did not seem to come as easily as I thought. It was pretty natural, but it was not easy.

One night, out of the blue, my neighbor showed up at my door with a delicious meal and said, "I saw the baby sign in your front yard and thought you could use a meal."

That changed my life'll see why tomorrow! (This is not meant to be original point just took a long time to get to! hahaha)

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