Thursday, November 17, 2011

Home Sweet Home

I'm enjoying my time home in Missouri! I've caught up with friends, enjoyed time with my family, and just enjoy the break from my normal life.

A few observations so far:
- I miss cold weather....except for how cold the toilet seat gets. I forgot about that!

- Chloe looks like she's homeless in winter clothes, for some reason (I think because they don't fit well but I just brought what I had), for her sake, I'm glad she wears summer clothes (shallow of me, I know).

- I forgot how much I love my hairdresser here. He cuts and colors my hair better than anyone else!

- I haven't been honked at all week while driving, which is a refreshing change of pace (south FL drivers are rude).

- I looked at some maternity clothes today at the mall, but not one ounce of me could purchase them yet (even though I'm showing 9 weeks). Wearing tents for the next 8 months is more than my fragile ego could handle at the moment :).

- I will never own a dog. Ever. My parents' dogs are on my last nerve. On the positive side, my kids are not afraid of them, which is a miracle!

- Luke is at that age where going out to eat is not worth the trouble.

- While I love visiting my hometown, Florida is my home...and there's no place like home (even if it doesn't have good Chinese food).

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  1. I'm so with you on the dog issue! Anna loves them and thinks they're hilarious so whenever I tell Mike that I can see the panic in his eyes that I will ask him for a dog. He has nothing to worry about. We will just enjoy our friends dogs because we don't know anyone around here without dogs!


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