Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Fun Visit

Before we left St. Cloud (after celebrating Christmas with all of Brett's family), we drove out to Disney to visit some dear friends of ours, the Lemley's.
They have been one of my most favorite families for almost 10 years now! When Brett and I got married, he quickly grew to love them, too.
Now that we have kids, our kids adore their kids (who are older and so amazing---they are so sweet to our kids). We always see them when they're in town the same time as us!

I don't have any pictures (it was a quick visit), but we ate lunch at a fun place.

Chloe got to see Minnie.

She wouldn't get close to her or touch her (remember all three of my kids are terrified of costumed characters)....but when she would walk by, Chloe would yell, "hi, Minnie!!"

It was so cute and so fun to watch Chloe get to see her favorite character!!

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