Wednesday, December 14, 2011


While spending hours laying (lying?) on the couch these last few months, I've had some time to think (one of the rare things I'm actually able to do). There are areas I would like to improve in my life. I'm guessing these will be shallow.

One thing I don't do is think deeply while pregnant....I spiral into depths of self-loathing rather quickly...because I dislike who I am while pregnant but have yet to figure out a way to change.

Brett jokes I act like God rewrites the Bible for pregnant women...leaving out any commands to be Christlike and not complain. It's our fourth kid, we both benefit from the humor :).

And I digressed....back to the topic.....

- I wish I could decorate better. I lack both talent and finances...but mostly talent!

- I really want my house to look cozy. I'm thinking wood floors would help but something's lacking....I don't know what it is. Again, decorating is not my strength.

- this is weird but I don't know how to keep a stocked kitchen (food wise). I can spend $200 on food....and have nothing real to eat. I mean, I have dinners planned....but for some reason, I never think to plan a real lunch. I love yummy sandwiches, good salads, etc....yet I never buy food for them.

- I can't seem to get our office/playroom to look how I want it. I think the desk is ill-fitting, but it's I hate to trade it for a junky table. I might have to.

- I'm missing a key piece of furniture in my family room. I don't know what it is, though.

- i changed around my kids' seating in the car. Chloe and Caleb fight less but it's kinda hard to get Luke in the car. I'm not sure which set up is better.

- I used to dress cute but I've returned to being frumpy. I realized I don't like dressing nice in hot weather, which is a problem for where I live. I'm thinking I need to get clothes that are cute yet practical.

- I wish I loved to cook. Seven years of marriage (almost), and I still dread cooking every meal. Will it ever change?

- I'm trying to decide the best way to set up my kids' rooms once our new baby arrives. If it's a girl, I know what I'm doing....if its a boy, I can't decide. I'll write my next post and ask for advice :).

- that's all I can think of for now.....

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  1. maybe a floor lamp for the living room?


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