Monday, January 2, 2012

Funny Quirks

From time to time, I post about random quirks I have. I don't know why, but I think quirks are the best part of people. I love how different we all are!

Here are some quirks I've noticed recently:

- when I take a nap, I always sleep on Brett's side of the bed so I don't get mine dirty (I do change clothes before napping but I don't wash my feet and face)

- pictures that hang crooked annoy me....and most pictures in people's homes are crooked

- I don't really follow many of the "rules" of pregnancy. I follow the ones are important, but a lot of the rules seem based in fear

- when I daydream, most of the time, I dreaming about how to rearrange furniture (or other items) in my house

- I don't like to read. According to most homeschooling moms I meet, that fact pretty much disqualifies me from educating my child (I guess this could link back to not being someone who follows dumb "rules")

- a lot of people wear their jeans over and over....I can wear mine, at the most, twice. I hate the way they feel after two times!

- In my head, I want to dress super cute. In reality, I default to what is comfortable (I go in phases...I used to dress cute)

- I'm in a better mood when the temperature outside is in the 70s

That's all for now....I'm tired and need to nap. On Brett's side, of course!

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