Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Good Perspective

As anyone who knows me knows, I have some issues when it comes to a clean home. I grew up in a home that was super fun but never spotless (there were 5 kids; I now understand why)....so I know it is my personality more than my upbringing (if that makes sense). I genuinely enjoy a clean home, and I feel it is a way to bless others who come into my house. For me, a clean home is peaceful. I know when I have a friend with kids over that it will only remain peaceful for a short time, but it is still important to me. My house is never spotless, but each night, I try to restore some bit of order.

Conversely, I do not mind what other people's houses look like. It can be spotless. It can be a disaster. It truly doesn't bother me (as long as the disaster is mess and not gross).

Maybe this 4th child will officially break me (my other 3 have come close, but I still really like to make my house presentable when expecting guests).

So imagine my horror when Brett brings home a friend for the first time. Mind you, he told me TWICE he was bringing a friend by....and also texted to say they were on the way. But my best friend was over for dinner (with her kids), and we were too engaged in a conversation for it ever to dawn on me that Brett was bringing his friend over (to hang out with a few other guys).

The new friend walked in....on a side note, my best friend is my best friend and comes over too much for me to care anymore.....and I am the same at her house. We are more like sisters, so we stopped cleaning for each other because it's impossible. Plus, our 6 (almost 8, she's pregnant too) combined kids can destroy a house quite quickly! I mean, she used my bathroom and my unmentionables were on the ground!.....back to my story.....right when Brett's friend walked in, it dawned on me how disgusting our house looked.

My BFF and I both profusely apologized (you know you're close when your friend apologizes on your behalf...hahaha), One of us said, "The house looks like this because of the kids."

Brett's friend, who is quite older and has way more wisdom and grace said, "My house looks like this all the time because I live in it."

While I know I will not abandon my love of cleaning completely, what a wonderful thought to keep in mind. EVERYONE lives in their house. While I still believe that it shows people we care and value them when we make our house presentable, we don't always have to! In this case, it would have been ridiculous to stop six kids in the middle of playing to clean.

I did pick up the house once they went to bed, though (while the men hung out on the back porch)....so apparently, I haven't totally learned the lesson :)

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