Saturday, January 14, 2012

I Am So Blessed

God always blesses me in the most incredible ways. We do not have a huge income, but I do have expensive taste. This would seemingly be a problem.....except for I have such generous friends.

As I mentioned, we decided that our new baby will share a room with Chloe (even if it's a boy). We ordered Chloe bunk beds (off of, they're inexpensive...I hope they're decent!). A mom of Caleb's friend emailed to ask me if I wanted a Pottery Barn bedding set for two twin beds. She had NO idea I was planning to get bunk beds. Better yet, the bedding is pink and absolute favorite for little girls!!
Chloe has a princess room now, but my original plan was to do pink and green...I just could never find bedding I liked. I do have a few wall decor items that are that theme, so they'll go perfectly with the new beds!

Not only did she give me the bedding, but she also gave me all of the wall decorations!! So basically, I had to buy the beds....and God provided the rest through a sweet friend.

Once it is all put together, I will post pictures. The beds should arrive late this week!

I am so thankful God provides for the smallest details in life!!

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