Sunday, January 29, 2012


Caleb has really been growing in his faith. He constantly asks questions and has really profound thoughts. It is such a joy to be around him. His black and white view of God is precious!
In his eyes, you're either on God's team or the devil's team (which is true but it is funny to see him describe who is on what team!).

Here are some recent statements of his:

"God is so big; the world is like a marble to Him. The devil is as small as a cricket that even a baby could crush."

"In heaven, bullets are like water since no one can die in heaven."

To Chloe: "Don't say bad words because that gives the devil power."

Chloe: "What bad words?"

Caleb: "I can't even say them because I want the devil to have power."

He is such a little man of God! I pray he follows Jesus all of his days!!

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