Friday, February 24, 2012

The Big Announcement

While we have not 100% decided, we are fairly certain we are naming our son Levi.

I'm not going out and buying personalized items, but unless something major changes our minds, our 4th child will be Levi.

His middle name is undecided....maybe Brett?! Levi Brett, maybe?!

The way we came up with his name:
All of our kids have Biblical names. While that was not on purpose (we just like their names), it is a fact. So we felt like we needed to stick with a Biblical name. I was looking at a list of boy Bible names, and Levi stood out to me!

I shared it with Brett, and he asked me how I came up with it. He said he liked the sound of it but wanted to research the name a bit.

While on a date waiting for a comedy show to start, I searched on my Bible app and found this:

When we read this, both of us thought it was so cool (the part about her 3rd son being Levi!)!

Levi means different things in different books but one meaning is "harmonious". Brett and I joke that, with 3 boys, harmony is a necessity :).

As I said, we aren't 100%, but it would take a lot to change our minds! Besides being a fun story, I just like the sound of the name!

My c-section is scheduled for June 15....I can't wait to meet my precious boy!!!!!!!

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