Saturday, February 4, 2012

Chloe's Reaction

As it was well established, both Chloe and I thought I was having a girl. She had her heart set on it, so we knew it would not be easy to tell her!

I had wanted to tell the kids in a really fun way what we were having, but my ultrasound appointment got really messed we ran out of time to be able to do anything fun!

My friend, Ty, was watching all three kids. When we got to her house, we gathered the kids and told them what we were having. Chloe dropped her head in sadness, crossed her arms, and walked away. It was so, so sad.

A few minutes later, she returned and seemed to be doing better! Within a day, she had changed her attitude from sadness to true excitement. She kept calling the baby "her" for a day or two, but now, she treats her baby brother with as much love as she did when he was a "she" to her! She is so, so sweet to her brother already. She kisses him, talks to him, and asks me about him often! It is truly so sweet to watch her so in love with her baby already!!

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