Friday, February 24, 2012

A Project

One of the projects that I was able to do now that truly made such a huge difference was getting a bookshelf from Ikea that I've wanted for probably 5 years!

Our anniversary is Sunday, and this is what I asked Brett to get me.....

But first, the before:

My anniversary gift:

I'm in love!! I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the top shelf yet! I'm deciding between displaying photo albums in storage (that I've never had room for), random decor items (which I don't really have much of), or filling in as I go with whatever speaks to me! Feedback is welcome :)

The shelving unit is way bigger than my old shelf and fits the space WAY better!

The boxes on the bottom aren't full (just two are), so those will store diapers, random toys, and anything else!

One thing I love about my current house is that, compared to my other two homes, I have so much more useful storage (my basement in KS had lots of space but it was kinda a black hole and not very organized)....I feel like I have a "home" for all that I need!!

I love an organized space, and this unit really helps me to feel more put together!

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