Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Three Boys and A Babe

(Who remembers the Star Search child dance crew Four Boys and A Babe?? They were my favorite!)


In dreaming about my sweet boy, I have weighed the pro's and con's to Chloe being our one and only girl. This is a stupid list, but for my own memory, I thought I'd share it.

- a girl with 3 brothers and an overprotective dad is not likely to get many dates. When people asked me how Chloe reacted to the news of a boy (I will post about that later) and mention they feel bad for her, I joke the person they should feel bad for is the guy she marries. Can you imagine the torture he'll have to endure??

- having only one girl will make for a precious mother-daughter bond, I hope

- I bet it's kinda fun to have all brothers...I mean, is there a more spoiled, protected girl on the planet than one with lots of brothers?

- no one wants to play with her toys (she has a very close friend that helps her learn to share, so she, hopefully, will learn to share still)

- We could NOT think of a girl's name, so I guess that's a good thing we don't have to!

- I am sure in the teenage years, I will be thankful for one girl ;)

- I love having sisters, so it is sorta sad she'll miss out on that bond

- I don't have another baby girl to dress super cute

- Three boys is way more wilder than 2 boys and 2 girls (at least, I imagine that to be the case)

- My BFF is having a girl (and she thought she was having a boy, so it has been super fun for us be totally and completely surprised!), so it would have been fun to have kids the exact same age be the same sex (but I am happy for them to be having a girl, for many reasons!)

This list is longer, but I am too tired to think....hahaha!

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