Friday, March 16, 2012

Chloe and "her" baby

Chloe absolutely loves her baby brother, and she is so so so sweet! She hugs my belly everyday and is just so darling.

She calls him "Max Levi".... or "Barry Bear" if I tell her his name isn't Max!

Yesterday, she was talking to Levi, as she often does. She tells him about her day. Then, out of the blue, tells him she is 8 years old. Then whispers to me, "I'm just joking but don't tell him." I nearly died laughing!

Chloe asks me where different parts of his body are so she can kiss him, give a high five, tickle him, etc.
I used to say "I don't know" but she would get mad. So I started guessing and just making up where his parts are.

Last night, she asked "do you always tell me the truth when I ask about my baby?"
Umm....... :)

I adore how sweet Chloe is to our baby!! She is so ready to meet him!! It's precious!!

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