Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Irony of Life

This is a true confession. Caleb goes to school one day a week (we go as a family, minus Brett). Each week, a family or two gives a "family focus" presentation, where they share what is special about their family!

Because of my last name, I was absolute last. So I have had all year to hear how awesome people are!! That is both so fun but also intimidating....homeschoolers are typically involved and driven, so they are pretty amazing! And sometimes prideful, to be totally honest.

I've kinda joked that I would have to lie about my presentation to look as good as other families. I love my family and know they are all amazing and awesome, but we don't grow our own veggies, milk the cow in our backyard, or travel as a family show choir! Not that I want to do those things but I still was weirdly insecure!

(I told you I'm confessing here)

Today was our day to go! While I was nervous, I was also excited to tell about our family! Fortunately, Brett came and did all the talking! I just had to smile! He did an awesome job! He's so funny and kind!

After being stupidly insecure all year, after it was all done, I was so proud of my family!! I loved hearing Brett speak so well of our family. When I sat back and heard from him (we talk about our family all the time but I'm usually way more secure, haha), I realized how amazing it is that God made us all unique!! It took me actually presenting to get secure, and now I'm so thankful for all of the families represented!

God is so good!! I wish my name was earlier in the alphabet so I could've been secure earlier! Haha!

I just love that my journey with the Lord keeps getting better and better! He chips away at my flesh yet is so loving and kind. I am just so thankful!!!!!

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