Thursday, March 15, 2012

Life, Lately

Life has been good lately. Last week, I randomly had some pregnancy sickness again, which was awful :(. That has passed, hopefully. I am already so big, so I sort of missed the fun stage of pregnancy. I am due in 3 months, and I am SOOOOO excited to meet our sweet boy. I am washing his clothes today and started his baby book....I know I have plenty of time to do it, but I enjoy getting an early start. We will put up the crib at the last minute, since it will be in Chloe's room (her room isn't that big).

My kids are awesome!! Both Brett and I have been enjoying them so much lately. I guess we are in a good rhythm of life (which will only last until baby #4's arrival), and that makes life so enjoyable. Luke is in his "terrific 2's" I spend 1/2 the day redirecting his crazy behavior and 1/2 the day snuggling him and thinking how cute and funny he is. Caleb and Chloe are both growing so quickly and are pretty easy. They are children, so obviously they have their moments....but they are also easy to correct.

I am so thankful for such awesome kids. I have been so grouchy and impatient since I got pregnant....and they are such troopers. I think I ask forgiveness from them about 1000x's a day. I cannot wait to have my normal self back. Pregnancy hormones do a number on me. I try so hard to be kind and patient, but I just am not :(. Most people say that being pregnant is easier than actually having the baby here, but I totally disagree. I would much rather deal with a newborn and lack of sleep....than crazy!! Hahaha!

Brett and I are doing well. I just absolutely love being married to that man!! He makes me laugh so much and has helped me keep a good outlook during the pregnancy! Ministry is going really well. God is always so faithful, and He has blessed us with awesome opportunities to love and bless others!!

We have lived in our house about 8-9 months now, and I think it is finally coming together. I still have some things I want to do (most that require money out of my budget), but overall, I am happy with the progress. I dream about big projects I want to do one day, but for now, I am enjoying working on little projects here and there that are low cost to free. Being on a small budget has actually been a blessing in some ways....I really think through a project before starting (unlike me) and I come up with creative ways to cut cost. It has been kinda fun to do that!

I have decided that since this is probably my last baby (if you ask Brett, he will definitely disagree....he thinks we are having 5. I am open to whatever God has for us, but I actually feel like I am done birthing children....but only God knows the future, so we will see!)....I plan to get in shape once I have this baby (well, when he is like 5-6 months old). I never lost my baby weight after Luke, so I do not anticipate it being easy....but I am hopeful!! I actually like being in shape and eating well, but the demands of mommyhood often cause me to be good at excuses. Staying in shape was a lot easier when I was more vain. Now that I am older and less vain (I still care, but I just am not as nit-picky), I find my desire to be in shape is not as good as it once was. However, this time around, I will be working to be healthy, not look a certain way....because being a healthy mom is so important!!

I am having quite a productive day, so I am going to continue working while my kids have rest time....have a great week!!

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  1. I can't believe you've been in your house for that long! I feel like it was just the other day. You should try spinning class for work outs if you can. It really helped me get the baby weight off.


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