Sunday, March 11, 2012

Things I Love

Brett and I were talking tonight how much we enjoy our children. Even on long days, they bring us so much joy and fun!!

There's so many things I love about them; here are a few:

- Luke gets in Caleb's bed every night and falls asleep with him

- Chloe hugs, kisses, and loves on our baby-to-be. In the morning (every morning), she asks, "Is your baby crying because I haven't kissed him today?"

- Chloe calls our child Max even though we aren't naming him Max :)

- Caleb is a brave, tough boy....yet he will still sit on my lap and wants to snuggle every night

- Luke is so very 2, and he's so very entertaining....he punches, hits, and bites all day (just his siblings and parents, so fortunately people don't hate me). The benefit of having 3 children is I know he will outgrow it! So I find it pretty hilarious!!

- As very boy that he is, Lukey still snuggles me a lot

- When Caleb prays, instead of saying "thank you, God", he says "Welcome, God, for..."

- A few nights ago, Chloe was bawling her eyes out (in bed). I asked her what was wrong. She asked, "Why does baby Levi sleep with you every night instead of me?"

- Luke is obsessed with shoes. He will put on anyone and everyone's shoes. Probably 8 times out of 10 he gets them on the correct feet

- Chloe asks me if I will miss her when she moves out to become a gymnastics girl

- Caleb can put together Legos sets so well, without any help. His ability to do that amazes me! What's interesting is that a year or two ago, he couldn't do a single step but now he can do the whole thing!

- Caleb stalls bedtime every night. He's only supposed to come out of his room for an emergency, so he will come out to ask if something qualifies as an emergency. Tonight he asked, "what are we doing, not tomorrow or the next day or the next day but the next day?"

- Caleb and Chloe will not use the word "she", so everything is "her wants to play. Her is outside."
Then today, Chloe said, "I want she to come over." The one and only time she's ever used "she" and it's wrong :)

- Chloe tells me everyday that I look beautiful, even when I'm gross. I love her for that :)

There's so many things my kids do and say that make me laugh!! Life with them is never dull, and I love our life!!

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  1. My favorite one is Chloe being upset that the baby gets to "sleep" with you every night. She is awesome.


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