Monday, April 2, 2012

The Egyptian Plagues??

It has been quite a random few months. We have had one weird bug problem after another.

First, we had a mosquito issue. Trying to be green, I bought real plants for a built-in planter in our foyer. The first round of plants were great. When one died, I replaced it....with a plant filled with mosquitoes, apparently! It took us awhile to figure out where they were coming from (we thought kids were leaving doors open).

Then, I went to cook pasta recently. Not one, but two, packages had weird bugs (that were nowhere else but in those boxes, thankfully).

Lastly, the last few days, we've had a fruit fly issue. We couldn't find the source, and we couldn't get rid of them.
Last night (on April Fools), I went to put my kids Easter baskets in the trunk of my parents' car (they keep a car at our house for when they go to their vacation home). I hid things in their trunk a lot because my kids never look in there!
When I opened the trunk, there was two grocery bags full of food....all rotten! It's been over a month since they've used the car! Either they forgot to tell us there was groceries or we forgot....but either way, it was utterly disgusting. But the bright side is that we found the source of the fruit flies! So now we can get rid of them!
My parents car is in the driveway with the trunk open, airing out!

I'm hoping this is the end of our bug issues!!

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