Friday, April 27, 2012

The Keys

Last Friday, my parents called to tell me they decided to come to the Florida Keys the next day.  Brett was out of town for the weekend, so this made me super excited!  They are so spontaneous, and it was such a wonderful surprise to not spend my weekend alone with just my kids.

The trip was absolutely so refreshing.  My parents were so helpful with my kids, and they cooked (or bought us) every meal.  It was glorious!

Being away from home for a few days in a beautiful environment refreshed my soul.  My parents' house in the Keys is absolutely beautiful....right on the water.  It is heavenly.

I am so glad they came at just the right time!  Not only was I so refreshed and blessed, but I had so much fun.  I felt like a child who just needed their Mommy or Daddy, but it is true...just being around them for a few days was just what this girl needed!

I have a few pictures (very few, I decided, instead, to soak up the moments rather than capture them) that I will post later from my phone.  But this trip was so wonderful that I wanted to remember it always!

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