Friday, April 27, 2012


My nesting instincts have not yet kicked in yet.....maybe I am not far enough along or maybe I am just way too tired....either way, I have not started nesting.  But, in the last few days, I have started daydreaming of small home projects, so I am wondering if nesting will happen shortly :).  

I love the nesting phase.  Brett refers to it as "the usual me on steroids" because I always love a good home project and constantly look for ways to improve our home.  Because it is so my nature, when people never make any changes to their home ever, I just cannot understand that!  I love changing things up.  The people in our home church playfully tease me each week about what has changed since the last time they were there.  

Anyway, here are some projects I am entertaining (I have some major home projects, but those are far down the road, financially speaking): 
- fix doorknobs in our house (actually, I just finished this but it was on my list, so I wanted to include it).  The doorknob in our room needed to be fixed.  The knobs in the kids' rooms needed to be flipped around, because sometimes Luke locks himself in and can't get out.  

- put a no-sew Roman shade in our bathroom window

- organize my garage better: hang bikes from hooks, get rid of unnecessary junk, etc.

- obviously, thoroughly clean the house

- figure out how Levi's crib will fit into Chloe's room

- find a way to make Chloe's room less messy (not sure this is possible)

- a lot of windows have curtains that are 4 panels.  I want to sew them together to make 2 panels (to look more fluid)

- figure out a better mudroom system: this room just isn't working for me right now

That's all I can think of for now.  I am sure the list will exponentially grow :).  

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