Monday, April 30, 2012

Taking Advice

My friend, Robyn, is an amazing mom of four kids. Her youngest is 2, so she has enough experience to give good advice but is still in the trenches to offer lots of compassion! That is a rare but delightful combination.

A few weeks ago, I was starting to have a lot of anxiety about the number of weeks remaining in my pregnancy. I just did not know how I was going to endure it! (thankfully, with the end in sight--just over 6 weeks-- I'm doing much better).
I shared this with Robyn, and her advice is to set up things to look forward to in the remaining weeks. Great advice!!

This weekend, Brett and I are sending our kids to his parents. We are going to stay home and relax in the comfort of our own home! I am so excited!

While they're away, I'm going to redeem a gift certificate I got for Christmas (purposely saving it for now) at a spa for a massage, manicure, and pedicure.

I have one girl night scheduled and will plan a few more.

In two weeks, I have a hair appointment to touch up my roots. Yay! This will be my last appointment until after I deliver! Yes!!

I have been growing out my eye brows and plan to get them waxed. I usually pluck them, but they've gotten too thin. The process of growing them out has been annoying (not to mention ugly), but I think it'll pay off! I am so huge pregnant that, truthfully, no one probably notices my errant eye brows! Haha!

My sweet friend, Robyn, is throwing me and my friend a joint baby shower (it's both of our 4th, so we wanted more low key...but to still celebrate life and our precious babies!). That will be fun!

I have another spa gift card for a mani-pedi that I plan to use around 37 weeks.

That will carry me to 39 weeks when I get to meet my amazing son!!

I can do it!! It is true that having stuff to look forward to is so helpful!

With 10 weeks left, I was panicked about how long that felt. With just over 6 left, it all of a sudden seems fast! But I'm definitely more than ready!!

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