Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ba-"bee" Shower

My sweet friend, Robyn, threw a baby shower for my friend, Ty, and me. Ty and I are due the same day, both with our 4th babies. She's having a girl, and I'm having a boy.

This shower was the cutest, nicest shower I've probably ever been to!! Robyn is an amazing party planner, and the shower was so nice!!

I forgot my camera and forgot to take many pictures (unlike me). But I did snap some!!

The theme was bee's, and it was precious!!! The prizes for games were Burt's Bee's products, there were bee cake pops and cake, and sweet cards to say "bee praying for the new babies" that had scripture verses.

The house was decorated beautifully and our friends were so sweet and generous!

Here are a few pictures:

This was before the gift table filled up:

The hostess and I (I'm HUGE):

Ty and I (once again, I'm huge):

We didn't mean to match!

I was unsure about having a shower for my 4th, but I realized that every baby deserves to be celebrated!! Every baby is a huge deal, and I'm so glad we did this!! Robyn is so very sweet, and the shower really blessed me!

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