Monday, May 14, 2012

It's Getting Close

I am just over 4 weeks away from meeting my baby!!  There is a chance it could happen sooner, but I seriously doubt it (and honestly I don't want it to happen any sooner because I do not have a back up plan for my other kids!).

Today, I spent the day doing some random preparations.  Levi will be sleeping in Chloe's room.  She is not the tidiest girl on the planet, so today, I tried to set her room up for success.  I got rid of little junky toys that create clutter.  I organized her closet....with Levi's stuff in it, too :).  It is so fun seeing those little onesies hanging up!

I washed all of my nursing bras, tanks, pads, and cover.  It's still a bit away, like I said, but I just want things set up.  I am low on energy and haven't really hit a nesting phase yet (so unlike me), so I have to pace myself.  Today, I did a lot of work (I also cleaned/organized my boys' room), but I forced myself.  It wasn't a huge burst of energy.

Because it's my fourth child, when it comes to baby stuff, I am not at all nervous.  Maybe I should be?!  But I am not.  I pray for sweet Levi a lot, but as far as nerves, I am so ready to hold him, kiss him, and love on him that I don't really think about the hard parts of infancy (sleepless nights, etc).

I am a little nervous about keeping my household running once he arrives.  Obviously, I will give myself tons of grace in this area BUT when my house is out of control, I am not at peace.  It's an issue I would like to go away, but for now, it is just my personality.  With that in mind, I am trying to set my house up for success, in a way.....clearing out clutter, putting away toys that have lots of little pieces (except Lego's since Caleb loves those), and stocking up on stuff (toilet paper, soap, etc).  With three active kids, I know my house will be disastrous, as usual, but if the clutter is contained, they have an easier time cleaning up their toys and things.

I am also catching up on stuff: photo albums, emails, etc.  This stuff is also never-ending, but at least I can stay caught up!

I cannot wait to meet my boy!!!!!  I am excited to not be pregnant and actually feel normal again.  I am so big.  My sister saw me over Skype tonight and noted that I am carrying so differently this time.  It literally looks like I stuffed a huge basketball in my shirt: I am carrying straight out and really round.  Maybe that is why this one is so much harder (or maybe it's because it's my 4th pregnancy in 6 years!).
I also will be happy to have my patience back.  Even Caleb noted tonight "You'll be a better mommy once Levi is here, just like you used to be."  YIKES!  In fairness, my kids and I were all particularly cranky today, but still!  I want to be a good mom again!

Anyway, this is just me going on and on.....but when I look back at old posts, I realize how much I forget about daily life!  I want to remember how I felt in these final weeks.  Even though I don't feel great, it will still be fun to think back on it!

Have a happy Tuesday!

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