Saturday, May 26, 2012


One of the weirdest parts of having a new baby is that your current baby will no longer be the baby. Caleb will still be the oldest. Chloe will still be the second. But Luke will lose his place as the baby of the family.

I already know he will look like a grown man when I come home from the hospital even though he seems so little now.

More than the older two, I've been really sentimental with Luke lately. He is so precious. He will sit on my lap and his shoulders just seem so small. His dreams are big but his vocabulary is small (but expanding). He is so absolute boy yet still so little. He can hit, fight, and keep up with the big kids...yet he requires more attention. He is so wild yet so snuggly and so fun.

A few things about him that totally make me smile:
- his vocabulary is expanding daily, but two phrases he says that surprise me are "daddy's gun" and "baby Levi". He can't say his own name but he points to my belly and says "baby Levi". Brett has a few hunting guns (locked in a safe). Luke points to them and says, "daddy's gun" or "bang bang". He loves his toy guns!

- even though he doesn't have tons of words, he definitely communicates exactly what he wants! It is so cute!

- he draws on himself with markers about everyday, a trait he inherited from his sister

- his hair grows at an angle. By his forehead and his neck, the hair grows to the side rather than straight down

- if he doesn't like a food, he will chew it up and spit it on the floor

- he drinks juice boxes without the straw (I have no idea why)

- when he does things he shouldn't, he does them with all the confidence in the world! It's so funny! The boy is fearless!

My sweet baby won't be my baby soon :(. As wild as he is, he is actually very tender with babies! I can't wait for him to meet his brother!!

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